10 Things From Our Childhood That We'd Like to Bring Back

10 Things From Our Childhood That We'd Like to Bring Back

LUCY MANN 29.09.2014 5 MINS

1 - Keypers

​"Keypers, keypers, what's inside those keypers?" After re-watching the TV commercial from 1986 we've been singing this all day


2 - Tutti Frutti ice cream

Yummm, we loved this ice cream! It was so colourful and tasted amazing, but then it just disapeared. Which is possibly why we want it back so badly - we never had a chance to say a proper goodbye.


3 - Glo Worms

Glo Worms glowed in the dark. That was enough to make us love them. And miss them.


4 - Rentaghost

This children's TV show is still in our minds, even though we haven't seen it since the 80's. There must be something about it which leaves a strong impact on a child's mind.  


5 - Polly Pocket Clamshells

We miss those simpler times in the early 90's when Polly Pocket clamshells used to fit inside our pockets.


6 - Mr Benn

Aww Mr Benn. What can we say? This gentle, quicky character is an antidote to the slickness of the modern media world.


7 - My Child dolls

Our childhood memories of our favourite My Child dolls don't quite correlate to the slightly-creepy images above. We will instead choose to remember the excitement we felt as we scanned the shelves at Toys R Us in the late 80's to find the doll that best resembled us.


8 - Plastic charm necklaces

Does anyone else remember these plastic necklaces where you could buy and collect slightly random charms? No? It must just be us then. We seriously loved them and *might* still have ours stored away in the loft at home.


9 - Fashion Wheel


It turns out we have lots of budding fashion designers amongst us, as reminiscing about Fashion Wheel got the office VERY excited! The combinations of designs that could be created using the Fashion Wheel were endless and we're still a tiny bit sad that all those *beautiful* (ahem) designs we created as children will never be brought to life.


10 - Popples


Popples turned inside out. We still aren't quire sure why, but they did. Like 'Keypers' they also had a theme song that's been stuck in our heads all day - if you'd like to join us here is the brilliantly 80's TV advert.

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