Tom Bufton
My time at KI
5 mins

The purpose of my work experience at KI was to learn about the industry while also getting some experience in film and design. From my first day walking into the office, being given lots of work was daunting. I was set a five-day challenge by Raj - Creative Director, to complete multiple tasks focusing on learning and contributing during my time at KI. My main tasks involved filming a Creds video of Gary - CEO, a professional office photoshoot, and creating KI’s social media content. The team at KI helped me to complete my tasks, and gradually through the week, I became more independent.

Before coming to KI, I was largely unfamiliar with how the company worked, but I was quickly brought up to speed on the beliefs and values with a detailed presentation from Gary. I was then able to see this put into action as I went to help prepare a research session by setting up cameras. It was interesting to see how it worked and the amount of time and detail that went into setting up the session, from the strict time schedule to the understanding of how each product worked inside out. This was also the first time I was introduced to how pre-production worked. I had done some in the past, but not on the level of KI planning. I was quickly thrown into planning pre-production, which was a struggle at first, but with the help of the production team by the end of the week, I can safely say that I have become much more efficient through pre-production planning.

Due to train strikes, two days of the week were spent online on google meets. This meant I was largely left to complete my previously set independent work. So I worked on a plan for the entire week and what day to complete each task. This was useful as careers that involve production and creativity are often given projects to complete yourself. This also meant that I was able to learn from each aspect of the production. This also allowed me to experience what a working environment is like online and how it is important to maintain communication or it can become very easy to become lost.

On Wednesday, I was back in the office, and my main task was to film the creds video for Gary; however, this wasn't too challenging due to all of the pre-planning I had done. Now I just had to execute it. Ela helped me by operating a second camera, and the overall quality of the video was designed to look professional. This meant I used a macro lens to get a soft focus. Overall, it turned out really well. However, the audio wasn't great, which meant I had to sync it with the audio from the second camera, which took some time. However, if this had never happened, then I would not have gained a skill in audio editing.

Overall my time at KI has been very enjoyable as I was able to meet everyone who worked here, but I also gained a lot of helpful experience. From constructing my own creds video to learning how to set up a research session.

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