Coppa Compliance Statement

Kids Industries (UK) Ltd (hereafter referred to as “KI”) is committed to fully complying with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998. According to which, it is necessary for us to obtain parental permission for all children under the age of 13 to register as a member, or sign up for any email newsletters in sites that we might create or manage. We will not knowingly accept any information by any children under the age of 13 on behalf of our clients. And will take all reasonable steps to prevent children from subverting this process. For any children under the age of 13, a parent or legal guardian must provide consent for any portion of the site which gathers personal information.

Our information practices are fully explained below as required by the Federal Trade Commission’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Regulations.

1. Information collected (16 CFR 312.4)

General Collection Information

System Logging. Our webserver and e-mail systems keep log files about network transactions. We analyze these log files to calculate statistics on which pages are visited and how long visitors stay on our site. We do not track individuals with this information. We are required to retain this information for the security of our website and online service. E-mail addresses of messages sent from our system are logged as well. These logs are not viewed unless necessary for security reasons and are deleted after 30 days (16 CFR 312.5(c)(5)(i)).
Internet Addresses. KI gathers Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses and pages viewed as part of the logging system within our webserver. When calculating statistics on visits and pages viewed IP addresses are used in broad calculations. IP addresses are never used to identify someone personally unless a security breach requires such an investigation (16 CFR 312.5(c)(5)(i)).

Email Lists and Surveys

Occasionally, people may wish to join email distribution lists. When registering, data is collected to enable us to send messages about KI or our client’s propositions this includes upcoming events, shows, special offers and commercial messaging. Information requested may include the user’s name, email address, instructor’s name and email address, school name, and/or zip code of the school. Dates of birth may be collected to let us know that the right age groups like our site. We also require the birthday so that we may comply with the requirements of the Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act. The date added to the list is collected indirectly. If your child subsequently is removed from the list, we use this information to determine how long a child enjoys our e-mail messages. We do not disclose this information to third parties.

2. Visitor & member surveys (16 CFR 312.4)

Occasionally we collect surveys of visitors. Any personal information is supplied either optionally or anonymously. Personal information supplied is not saved. And lastly, data is not supplied to, or shared with, any third party. Additionally, this will be in compliance with the MRS code of practice.

3. How data is collected and used (16 CFR 312.4)

Visitor data is used for system logging, as explained above (16 CFR 312.5(c)(5)(i)), and for calculating statistics, also as explained above (16 CFR 312.5(c)(5)(i)).

4. Third party disclosure (16 CFR 312.4)

KI does not disclose information to third parties and does not allow our clients to do so either.. Nor will we ever sell, trade, or release this information with any third party. We will, however, fully comply with any legal information request related to a criminal investigation by the authorities.

5. Participation (16 CFR 312.4)

KI does not prohibit the participation in any activity based on requiring more personal information than is necessary.

6. Review or deletion of privacy data (16 CFR 312.4)

KI will make a child’s information available for review by the child’s parent. Any parent wishing to review or have deleted personally identifiable information about their child should contact us.


If you have further questions about this Statement, we invite you to contact our Site Representative.