We help connect you and your audience with leading insight, strategy and creative.
Qualitative and Quantitative Research specifically designed for the family market. Taking you into the world of your audience, connecting their truths to your market realities.
Clear and concise solutions to the challenges of the family market. Helping you shape a strategy that connects you to your consumer, and moves your business forward.
Creative executions in every medium and always underpinned by robust insight. Focussing on the consumer, to build something they will love.
Curious, pragmatic and the voice of the consumer – child or parent.
1. Why
The curiosity of a child is a powerful thing. We try to bring a little of that to our work by always asking "Why?". Understand the ‘why’, and the solution just needs working out.
2. Solution
Our culture is solution-focused and insight led. Most people start with the idea and develop from there. We start with the audience; we understand their needs and we develop the solution to fulfil those needs.
3. Delivery
Rigour, diligence, professional integrity and organsation are the cornerstones of our deliveries. We hire the best, we commit to developing our team so that they can delivery exceptional work for you.
KI Products
We’ve made some of our most popular offers into bespoke products. If your project, brand, product or service could benefit from a little KI love – but you don’t want to commission a huge project just yet – maybe one of these is just right for you. Get in touch if you think we can help.
Brand DNA
Using our unique set of tools crafted over the last twenty years to build lasting memorable brands. We will define what your brand needs to say, who it needs to say it to and how it needs to say it. One exceptionable deliverable that gives you everything you need to start communicating exactly the right message to exactly the right audience.
Website in a Box
Websites for children and families don’t need to be complex. But they do need to be built with expertise. We’ve created websites for the world's leading family brands – including Peppa Pig – and won multiple global awards. We’ll bring all that UI and UX know-how to your brand in our quick and easy, no nonsense solution that give you a great website ready to go.
The Fandom Tool
Designed to define your fanbase and maximise revenues. We’re perhaps the world’s leading strategic authority on the development of fans. We’ve developed the fandom models for the biggest entertainment franchises and sports clubs in the world – the very, very biggest. Using our wealth of insight and understanding, KI’s Fandom modelling defines your fanbase so you can maximise your business.
Trend Report
What’s going to happen after what comes next? We’ve got a pretty good idea. Every three months we refresh our Annual Trend Report with new data and insight, to ensure that you are ahead of the curve.

And if you'd like it tailored to your specific needs then we can do that too.
parent sight™ Workshop
Parents account for 70% of our business, and 95% of decisions about the family — large and small — are led by mum. This workshop, tailored to your business and commercial needs, tells you all you need to know about how parents behave in the commercial world of the family.
4ft Thinking™ Workshop
Our way of seeing the world through the eyes of children and we’ve been doing it since 1999. To do this you need to really understand that the developmental pathways a child passes through as they get older have remained the same. This workshop unpacks the real science of childhood – cognitive, social, emotional and physical development – and applies it to your specific brand, service, product or problem.
spongebob and patrick having fun
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