Defining how parents behave in
the commercial world
We work hard to deeply understand the changes that our physical selves experience as we grow older. Biology tells us what to consider when developing products, services and experiences with parents and grandparents.
The Psychological aspects of being a parent are varied and well documented. Understanding fear, helplessness, joy, pride and all manner of emotions tells us all about their motivations and aspirations.
It is nearly always the parent or primary carer that will part with their hard earned cash in exchange for the good or service we’re presenting them with. Deeply understanding shopper behaviour tells us about their path to purchase.
The most important person in society is the child. And it is the parents primary responsibility to nurture that child to a place where they are happy and can contribute to society. The study of sociology tells us how to engage in the ways that are important to them.
Every parent is unique, they simply don’t segment and it can be tough to know how, when and where to connect with them. Our Parentsight™ tool means we can help you strengthen your brand with parents, by really understanding what’s important to them.