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As you have probably heard by now, KI is running a conference!

On Tuesday 21st March 2023 at Conway Hall, KI will be presenting The Global Family, a conference that aims to answer a question that is at the heart of our industry today, in the midst of a particularly difficult time for families: what exactly does it mean to be a family in 2023?

In early 2023, KI conducted research with over 5023 families worldwide (specifically, in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Brazil, India, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia). Collectively, these families represent the views of 20,147 individuals. 

The insight we’ve gathered has given us a crystal clear picture of things that are inherent to being a parent and a child in different places around the world today. We have collected a huge amount of data that we’re really very excited to share with everyone.

What makes KI special is not only our expertise in and enthusiasm for the kids and family market or the depth of knowledge in this area held by everyone that works here: it’s also how much we want to share this knowledge and our new findings so that we can all work together to make the kids and family industry a place that truly delivers on what kids and families actually want.

If you haven’t already registered your interest in The Global Family, please do rectify that immediately! This is a taste of what you’ll get on the day:

Keynote speech

Presented by our co-owner and Strategy Director Jelena Stosic, this keynote speech will delve into the nitty gritty facts and figures of exactly what we uncovered with this new piece of research. It will lay out the landscape for the rest of the day, focusing on how the territories we explored differ and compare to each other in areas like family makeup, happiness and wellbeing, concerns around digital and social media and what success looks like for their kids’ future.

Jelena will be making all the wonderful data we’ve collected and how that feeds into areas like media consumption, fandom, leisure activities super digestible. And perhaps most importantly she’ll share the “Why” for each of these data points.

Story 1: What exactly is fandom?

If anyone knows about fans and fandom, it’s our Senior Researcher Josh Brocklehurst. He’s led some super exciting fandom projects throughout his time at KI for clients like Pokemon, Disney, the BBC and many more. Josh is a bit of a fandom Guru.

Fandom has always been incredibly important to the work that we do, and we’ve our very own Fandom Tool that dissects why and how particular brands create such an effective fandom around themselves. In this session, Josh will discuss the emerging trends that shape what we think about fandom, and how our Fandom Tool can be used as an evolving model to understand how to encourage connections in an ever changing world.

Story 2: Where is the love?

One of the biggest things about working in the kids and family space is the sheer love and excitement that the brands inspire in children. It’s infectious! A key question is how to build this love and affinity with kids in an ever competitive and shifting market place.

Senior Strategist Matthew Macaulay and our Creative Director Raj Pathmanathan will tackle this one head on, putting forward key principles for brands to consider in order to build and sustain brand love amongst their audiences. 

Story 3: What will the future look like?

Of course, the future shifts and changes every day. The Global Family study has given us an insight into what kids and families want from their future: their evolving hopes, ambitions and priorities. 

Researcher Aleksandra Szczerba and Senior Qualitative Researcher Chloe Bartlem will look into these, and consider the challenges that they face - and their enduring optimism throughout all of it.

If any or all of that piques your interest (and we certainly hope it does!), please do register your interest in attending The Global Family conference.

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