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COVID-19 will end and the brands that move ahead are the ones that are prepared for what comes after what comes next. Everyone needs to adapt to overcome and I am inspired by the way my team has responded. We’re very pro WFH so it really isn't proving too much of an issue. Our creative and strategy teams are on point. No question.

However, we are, in the words of James, Living in Extraordinary times. And adaptation is always the key. Creative collaboration has moved online - Slack, JIRA and Hangouts are the front line. And our insight work is unaffected. Quantitative work is, if anything stronger as people have so much time on their hands all of a sudden. And our qual is about simply dialling up the “Socially Distanced” methodologies that we’ve always used - we just never called them Socially Distanced before.

Technology and families are almost synonymous today. And so what better way to take full advantage of the situation we now find ourselves in than by getting some amazing insight from really engaging with respondents across digital platforms.

A speedy, efficient and relevant way to collect data. Advances in video and mobile technology and the adoption of these technologies by young people make this an ideal way to explore qualitative questions with them. Below I’ve outlined a few of the techniques we’re using and given just a taste of the quality output you can expect from Kids Industries during this time.

Online communities, diaries, and collages

We are expert in the practice in managing online communities, whether more formal and managed through our range of specialist software or more informal and focused on capturing a breadth of lifestyle data.

These are great methods to capture longitudinal behaviours and a change in attitudes.

And if you need to generate wide-ranging data for inspiration and innovation quickly this is a truly efficient way of getting things done. And finally, if your brief is wide ranging this is a great way to dip in and out and iterate your questioning.

Instagram diaries from a lifestyle and innovation research project for an FMCG brand

Self-moderation and parent-child moderation

When participants are well-briefed and understand the research objectives, they are fantastic in supporting moderation or in delivering the answers directly.  Filming themselves vlog-style is nothing new for a tween or a teen, whilst in a more family-focused scenarios, we engage and enrol parents to act as a supporter moderator who works with us to facilitate discovery with their child. We use a variety of comms tools to do this and of course, you can join the session from home without needing to travel anywhere to capture all of the action first hand.

Truly authentic responses from teens and tweens that makes for great content to persuade and educate your teams. Self moderation also works a treat with younger parent and child duos as it gets as close as possible to traditional qual insights. And best of all? This gets results super fast.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="564" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Online qualitative sessions

This ‘traditional’ online research method, in which the moderator and participants discuss the research questions, similarly to the face to face set up. Just doing it over a stable video link. A great way to run virtual traditional focus groups, one-to-one depth interviews and for capturing the thoughts and feelings of the whole family.

Across all of our online methods, we are spending a great deal of time with the respondents with an increased focus on briefing them, carefully designing pre-tasks to make sure the key session is as insightful as possible and, of course, the art of the follow-up.

We are there for you

Across research, strategy and creative, we remain at the disposal of our clients and colleagues.

Get in touch for any help we may be able to offer - or get in touch to say hello! We can even send you cute pictures of puppies and kittens if you’d like.

We’re all in this together.

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