What Does Microsoft's Purchase Mean for Minecraft Fans?

What Does Microsoft's Purchase Mean for Minecraft fans?

TOM ACTON 17.09.2014 10 MINS

Microsoft have announced that they've acquired Mojang, the creator's of Minecraft, for £1.5billion, a figure which is estimated to be recouped by 2015. Minecraft is one of the biggest games of the 21st Century, with a fan base spanning from young children to grown adults. The platform is constantly being challenged and the creativity of players becomes more mind blowing in every passing month. With people creating a working 16-bit computer and a hard drive, recreating the entire world of Game of Thrones, as well as mythical worlds, mini-games and so much more – the scale of creativity and potential of how the game can be grown and developed is clearly a vision shared by Microsoft.

When fans caught wind of the rumors that their beloved game was to fall into the hands of Microsoft, the faces of many turned from confusion into fear of what might happen to the game they have invested so much time and joy in.

So what can fans expect?

1. They are still important


Mojang took to their blog to remind fans just how important they are to the game which has been sculpted and built from community feedback and the sheer creativity and intelligence of the players. Microsoft isn’t here to change the game to how they want it, they are here for the game the fans have built.

2. The game won't change and can only get better


​Although the original game creator and other co-founders have left, this can only be a good thing for the games progress and evolution. The potential of Minecraft is unquestionable, the dedication Notch (Markus Persons) showed to reach these heights with it, is not. Although Notch had stepped down from developing Minecraft, he still found himself at the helm of the company. He was responsible for its progress, a responsibility he claims he never asked for - an issue he addressed to fans as the news broke of the acquisition.

With a driven and passionate person at the helm of Mojang driving Minecraft forward into un-ventured waters, this can only mean that the experience and immersion of the game will be much greater than before. And with the funding of a huge corporation to help it reach new heights.

3. Content creators won't suffer

A major worry for fans was that their favourite YouTubers and twitch streamers might be restricted from sharing content of the game, or the game changing the entertainment that has allowed so many content creators to make a living off of.

Undoubtedly, the juggernaut that is the YouTuber community had a massive impact on the popularity of the game. In its initial alpha stages ‘Lets Play’s’ (a video series which shows a user's journey and how they played the game), became massive – launching both the YouTubers and the game rapidly into success, with an increasingly rising fan base. Content creators will still be allowed to continue creating the videos that their users love. It was a fundamental part in the rapid road to success that Minecraft experienced and alienating a (practically) free advertising method would be a very stupid move by Microsoft.

So with all the talk and worry of what will happen to Minecraft, fans should not be worried about the incredible world that is Minecraft - they should be excited by what it could be in a year's time, or even a month's time. The ways in which they can play and interact more with others users could take the game to even more incredible heights.

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