Today I Forgot My Phone

Today I Forgot My Phone

NATALIE HONAN 01.10.2014 10 MINS

Why do I feel like I’ve forgotten my kidneys, or something really important? It actually bothers me. Panics me. But, why?

Do I feel like today, due to nothing but sod’s law, I’ll need to be urgently contacted and won’t know about it until I get home? Or is it that I can’t have Twitter in the palm of my hand, and I could be missing the scandal of the century?

It’s both. And it’s neither.

Comfort blanket

It’s the 21st Century comfort blanket, isn’t it? With Citymapper, I’m never lost. I can be anywhere and get anywhere by public transport or walking. If not, I can go on the Uber app, and get picked up from my exact location and taken wherever I want – and it's cashless. If I’ve arranged to meet a friend, but we can’t find each other, I can send them a drop-pin of where I am for them to follow (then pretend that I'm doing something terribly important on my phone while I wait for them...).

​I can do my banking, some shopping, book a table, order takeaway, book the cinema, catch up with friends, look at their photos, Facebook and tweet. And a hell of a lot more too. So actually, leaving my phone behind feels like I’ve left all of that behind too. Which is a very worrying thing really, isn’t it? We’re all so reliant on our phones and tech, that it becomes a matter of panic when we are deprived of them.

Removing tech as a punishment


Not surprising then that it’s used as a punishment for children – the removal of their tech until they learn how to behave.

But it’s different for children. For us, it’s a blocker on communication and interactivity, whereas for children it’s also deprivation of their play and fun. It’s easy to forget that this is all they know. They’ve never experienced a world without the Internet, and newer generations have never experienced one without smartphones, and having ‘the whole world’ in the palm of their hand. So taking it away really does mean something to them. Our frustration at what we are potentially missing is not the same as a staple part of most children’s lives being removed as punishment.

Anyway. I’ll survive the day, I’m sure, just as children survive their tech-free punishment time.

The most depressing thing, though, is that I’ll probably have no texts, calls or notifications on there when I do finally retrieve it.

But between you and me - I can't wait to find out. The anticipation is killing me!


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