The age of the Insta-Baby

The Age of the Insta-Baby

KIRSTY GRAY 24.07.2014 10 MINS

I think we all have to admit it…we are addicted to Social Media in some form. Checking Facebook, tweeting pictures, snap chatting, taking a #selfie, commenting on LinkedIn, uploading pictures to Instagram, looking at comments on YouTube, getting inspiration from Pinterest boards…And that’s just what the majority of people do in a couple of days.

It seems like there is nothing too private to share on social media anymore.

A recent poll from Start-rite, revealed that almost half of new mothers upload news of their new arrival within 2 hours of having their baby. For companies like ours, the vital thing here is knowing that social media is demonstrably increasingly important to parents – even in their child’s first couple hours of birth.

Two thirds of parents said that they, or their partner, provided a social media commentary ahead of the birth or during labour. To the extreme extent of uploading photographs of these sacred moments – placenta and all. Our digital footprint now actually begins before we are born, let alone have a choice in the matter, with scan pictures and pregnancy tales so easily shared.



Although this has been a trend for a while now, Prince George have might been somewhat the catalyst for the instant share. The nation was watching Twitter for news of the arrival, and Clarence House didn’t disappoint, tweeting the news of his birth. Numerous celebrities have followed suit and shared their news via social media also. But where does it stop?

Almost 40% of parents say that they post their children’s ‘firsts’ on Facebook – first smile, cuddle, steps, tooth…. Netmums have reported that parents are more likely to have photos of their baby’s first year on Facebook than in a photo album. Social Media not only has taken over traditional advertising channels but even cultural norms.

Do I think it’s over-sharing? Yes, probably. What will the child think when they are grown up and look back at their lives – and all those milestones were shared with hundreds of people they don’t even know? When we get to 100, we can have our entire lives handed to us on a webpage. It’s now up to us to decide whether that’s a good or bad thing.

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