Good Apps, Bad Apps

Good Apps, Bad Apps

GARY POPE 23.05.2014 5 MINS

Apps. There’s millions of them. Literally.

And if you’re a family brand you have to have one, or ten.

And a lot of them are very, very good. But an awful lot more are really, really bad.

Why? There’s conferences and articles and blogs and review sites and all manner of insight and understanding available to the design and development community and yet there’s far more duds than there should be.

Apps for children are effectively toys. And there are good toys and there are bad toys. Because there are good toy designers and bad toy designers.

The difference is, just like any other kind of product development, how well you know your audience.


And that means playing with them, talking to them, testing with them and learning from them.

It’s really obvious. And it’s really true. But it's clear to me that just because someone is a magician with code or a wonder with design it doesn’t mean they can make an app for children – the difference is not knowing what you’re doing ... it's knowing who you’re doing it for.

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