PJ Masks Website

Immersive website for children and parents

How do you develop a digital presence for a new brand?

We worked with eOne to help launch their brand new superhero TV series, PJ Masks. Aimed at 2 to 5 year olds, it was our job to create a strong digital presence for the whole family.

We used 3D technology on the website to replicate the look and feel of the show and encourage children to explore the superhero world. We developed character-led games for children to get to know the superheroes and their powers. The Grownups area helps parents explore the core values of the show and provides imaginative play activities that enable their child to become a little superhero in everyday life.

As part of the delivery we created a downloadable Web App for mobile and tablet so that children and their parents could engage with the brand on-the-go. To date we have localised the site in 8 countries.

The site was such a success that it was nominated for a BAFTA in 2017.

BAFTA nominated3D in HTML5 to bring the brand to life
HTML 4, HTML 5, HAXE, CSS 3, Phonegap, OpenFL, PyroCMS, AWS
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