Royal Caribbean International is known for driving innovation at sea and has continuously redefined cruise vacationing since its launch in 1969. They wanted our help in taking family adventure to the next level, by creating a programme that enabled the whole family to come together to share unforgettable experiences unlike any other – on land or sea.


We undertook a comprehensive global qualitative and quantitative study, in order to deeply understand what the entire family wanted – and needed – from a vacation.

We tested different child and family entertainment concepts, both as independent concepts and as activities that would take place on a cruise ship. Themes included anything from food and music to sports and nature and more. Then we went through a co-creation process with families to fine tune the best ideas.

Using this considerable insight we delivered an overarching brand strategy and brand activation programme.

Brand Strategy & Innovation

We built a series of robust propositions for each audience group – children, teens and families. These propositions needed to flexible and fertile, able to captivate children from a number of ages and cultural backgrounds, keeping innovation and excitement at the core. They mapped the entire guest journey and were operationalised through collaboration with the RCI team and KI.

We utilised both our expert knowledge of children and families, and the primary and secondary research to build a three tiered approach to designing themes and activities. We innovated and developed, in specific detail – from narrative and characters to props and games – well over 100 activities for children aged 4-10.

We also ideated, recorded and disseminated detailed training videos to be used across their teams detailing how to effectively deliver each theme and activity.

Key Deliverables:

  • An overarching brand strategy and brand activation programme.
  • Complete redesign of the children's club experience including the physical spaces and over 100 new immersive activities.
  • Never before seen technology integrating into the family experience.
  • Development of global IPs into activities for activation on board.
  • Delivered a partnership strategy for each audience.