WWF is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organisations, active in nearly 100 countries, with more than five million supporters globally. They wanted to create a new subscription product aimed at 7-10 year olds which promotes sustainability, whilst still being entertaining, educational and fun. KI designed a NPD process that included audience research, prototype build and longitudinal testing, business modelling, product design, content creation and product launch.

Insight & Strategy

We used a process called IMPACT, which stands for Inflection Mapping, Prototyping And Child Testing.

Inflection Mapping helped us understand how the product could work. We created a number of ideal journeys for a user to go on, noting every possible distraction that might derail the journey. This required ethnographic research, going into children’s homes and studying how our proposed product might integrate with their routines. We had 40 families on our testing panel.

To prototype we created a strawman to test. We developed three versions of the subscription box product and a corresponding app. Using in-app ‘click streams’ tracking we studied usage patterns of the app. Diaries helped us track the journey of the physical product.

Given this was a subscription product we couldn’t just rely on ‘one-off’ observational data, so we tested the product rigorously over a couple of months in order to see how it performed over time.

Brand, Design & Build

Using all we had learnt from the prototype we created the Amazing Planet subscription box and app. We designed all of the branding and refreshed WWF’s existing design, adding a little more playfulness.


Each month a themed booklet was delivered to children, packed with content designed to inspire and educate. They also received a set of collectable animal cards, to get family and friends involved in their journey of discovery, all about the natural world.

Augmented Reality

The booklet and cards are AR-integrated, so when used with the companion app they unlock bonus content such as videos or fully animated 3D AR animals. The physical world map – included with the welcome pack – also reveals some unique AR features.

The app can updated with content related to the booklet theme – AR animals, fun facts, videos, photos, maps, quizzes and even animal noises.