is a character specialist – a one-stop shop for character based clothing - selling a broad range of affordable character-based clothing and apparel. With over 100 characters to choose from, is the number one character shop in the world. KI's work with their team involved repositioning their brand to promote self-expression and emotion, highlighting their unique range of character-based clothing – empowering kids to express themselves through the range of choice available, whilst helping parents feel great by delivering what their kids want.

Wear a smile

Our brand concept was formed by what clothes make you do - smile! A smile is the purest form of expression we have. It has the power to make someone’s day better, just like

We put smiles at the centre of the brand, ensuring no matter how you interact with the brand, you are always left with a smile.

Meet Miles

Our brand mark and character delivers positive emotions to the audience, showing them how wearing clothes from can make you feel. We created a personality who brought the brand to life – a mascot who interacts with the huge range of characters available, reflecting their stories and forming its own. The accompanying logotype embodies Miles and brings a smile throughout, creating a custom typeface that hides smiles throughout the letters.

Always smiling

Our brand system keeps the smiles constant – through the artwork, photography, comms and personality, ensuring the audience always has a positive feeling when engaging with the brand.

Miles interacts with the brand to show different parts of his personality, to uplift and tell stories. Whether he’s interacting with other brands' characters or by himself, his purpose is to always give you something to smile about. Smiles form the backbone and structure of our artwork, using hidden smiles found in the logotype to ensure each brand visual has a smile, even when Miles is off doing his own thing!

The brand is reflective and enables the audience to be free to express who they are – through a mixture of bright and energetic colours and the photography, which is authentic and reflective of the feeling of wearing the characters you love.

Writing with Character clothing lets kids and families expand their sense of who they are, and lets their imaginations fly. To get this across in their communication with their audience, we developed a tone of voice that is positive, playful, emotive, and bright & bold - just like our colourful and creative designs! To put it another way, our aim was to write to put smiles on faces.

Designing a store launched their first ever shop at McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Bridgend, South Wales.

We used our new branded assets to create three shop window designs that would deliver the brand message and make visitors smile! Each design also showed off the vast range of characters and products that has to offer.

We ensured that shop windows appealed to both children and kidults, enticing families to enter the store whilst out shopping.