KI’s summer campaign for Pokémon TCG invited children to see and experience the joy of collecting Pokémon Trading Cards. We’re proud to have developed and executed the most audacious piece of advertising that The Pokémon Company has ever done.


The challenge for this project was how to reignite the love for the original Trading Card Game, which is one of the integral pillars of the entire Pokémon business. Our key goals were to:

• Encourage children to stay connected to the Pokémon TCG as they age up, keeping it relevant and aspirational.

• Celebrate and spotlight super-collectors and high-profile fans who have dedicated significant effort into their collections, making them aspirational figures to inspire new and existing collectors.

Key Insight

Children are engaging with Pokémon TCG but on their own terms. And typically, as children reach the age of seven, they become much more challenging for brands to connect with. They begin their journey of self-discovery and look to older children for play inspiration.


After working closely with focus groups, we decided to take a big step away from Pokémon TGC’s more heartfelt and nostalgic themes.

We created a campaign hero video and social assets that would appeal to all and stand the test of time, strengthening the Pokémon TGC brand.

We were very excited to launch a fun, sparky, edgy campaign with a solid call to action for fans to share their unique collections, with the message that: "There's a collection in everyone", generating hype and prompting social and playground chatter.

We wanted to create a captivating spectacle of controlled chaos that effortlessly moves between reality and otherworldly animation.

It had to authentically capture the essence of the Pokémon TCG by showing the sticky, repeatable moment that lingers in the minds of its audience – opening and seeing the card you've always wanted.

Music had to take centre stage, guiding the narrative without a script, enhancing the overall experience and making this audio-visual journey an unforgettable exploration of the Pokémon TCG universe.

Collaborating with our outstanding partners from South Africa, Poland, and the UK, we transformed creative visions into dynamic reality.

From advert production filming in South Africa to the wrap point, working with some of the best in the industry, creating this campaign has been a joy.

Social Toolkit

We also delivered a social toolkit of assets for fans, showcasing the unique collections and themes and exploring the personal collections of some of the heroes from the ad in more detail. Demonstrating that no two collections are the same, and that Pokémon TCG is for everyone!

We are hugely proud of the feedback we have received, especially catching the fans’ curiosity – after all, you’ve ‘gotta catch ’em all!’


The campaign’s success is reflected in the positive feedback received from social comments. The edgy and surprising approach resonated with the intended audience, fostering a renewed sense of interest in Pokémon TCG. The call to action generated shared conversations on social and playgrounds alike.

Take a look at what people thought and what went on behind the scenes of the shoot in our video.