Multi-territory research (8 markets)
100+ in-depth interviews
ethnographic methods included

The Happy Meal is an essential component of the McDonald’s family engagement proposition, and one that needs to stay aligned with the values and needs of this generation’s families to stay relevant.


KI’s goal was to explore, globally, the current Happy Meal proposition, the desires and experiences of McDonald’s customers and the appeal of two new positionings – all to inform the reinvention of Happy Meal for the future.


We took an in-depth and highly personal research approach, involving over 100 parents, children & teens from across the globe. 

Light ethnographic methods were used as a way to document and explore the family McDonald’s experience as it happened, before speaking to them in-home. 

Our interviews involved elements of ideation, co-creation and concept exploration to make sense of their core needs and what the most exciting and relevant McDonalds experiences would look like in the future - across their consumer journey.


Our analysis considered all global research data; distilling insights to create a detailed, globally relevant blueprint for the most resonant Happy Meal experience of the future. Our recommendations also considered regional and country level nuance, as well as differences across core age ranges.