Peppa Pig Website

The benchmark for global pre-school brands

How do you create a global digital platform for the world's most famous pig?

We worked with eOne to develop a website for Peppa Pig that provides children with an engaging place to play and learn, and that helps eOne connect more deeply with parents.

We used parallax scrolling on the website to create an immersive experience with depth and movement. To increase interaction and character engagement we positioned Peppa as the guide, taking children on a journey through her world and introducing them to her friends along the way. We also developed Peppa's Paintbox, a drawing game that empowers children through creative play.

The Grown Ups area was created for eOne to speak directly to mum, driving awareness of the brand and its core values, whilst providing tools for her to interact with the brand on and offline. 

The site was built using a CMS to give eOne the ability to react to evolving marketing priorities. It enables the serving of localised content and the site has been localised in over 27 territories to date.

The UK Peppa Pig site has become the digital blueprint for the brand. It won the Webby Award for Best Pre-School Website in 2014.

Webby Award for Best Pre-School WebsiteLocalised for over 27 countries
HTML 4, HTML 5, HAXE, CSS 3, Flash, AIR, OpenFL, PyroCMS, AWS
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