How do you take digital care of the world's best loved pig?


Project Overview

In 2012 we were appointed by Entertainment One to develop a strategy to drive awareness of the Peppa Pig brand and create a new website. Since then we have been responsible for producing 8 web games and apps, a microsite, localising the main site in over 30 countries and continue to manage a range of social media channels on an ongoing basis.



The drive behind the development of the Peppa Pig website was to increase interaction and character engagement with children, and enable eOne to connect more deeply with parents. The result was a website which won a Webby Award for Best Pre School Website and became the digital blueprint for localisation across the world.

See our Peppa Pig Website case study for more details.


World of Peppa Pig Microsite

To support the launch of the first Peppa Pig subscription app, World of Peppa Pig, we developed the accompanying microsite. The site is a destination for parents wanting to find out more about the app and how to subscribe. Launched initially in Australia, the app will be rolling out globally and we will be localising the World of Peppa Pig microsite for all relevant countries.


My Peppa Story

eOne asked us to create a story-making game that would integrate with their existing third party book-building website. My Peppa Story allows a child to become part of the Peppa story, "The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World". They can create their own avatar which becomes a character in the story alongside Peppa. Parents are then able to purchase a book version of the story featuring their child.


Peppa's Jigsaws

As part of the year celebrating Peppa’s 10th Anniversary, eOne asked us to create a jigsaw game as exclusive content to support a competition. We wanted to add some magic to make Peppa’s Jigsaws more than your ordinary jigsaw game, so as well as including a variety of levels, completion of the picture sees it comes to life as a video clip.

The game has been re-skinned for another eOne brand and localised to work internationally.


Once Upon a Time

eOne asked us to develop a creative storytelling game. Once Upon a Time lets a child create their own story, providing them with three locations, four characters and three endings to choose from. Various combinations of each of these means there are a range of different stories to be experienced.


Peppa's Christmas Calendar

eOne wanted us to produce an activity which would engage children and their parents during the month of December. We developed an interactive Christmas Calendar which features special rewards behind each door, and gives users a reason to return to the website every day.


Peppa’s Golden Boots

We created a premium app to celebrate Peppa Pig’s 10th anniversary, featuring 5 exploratory games, each using a different play mechanic specific to the capabilities of the device.

The app currently achieves nearly 1 million sessions each month and users are spending almost 7 minutes on the app per session.

See our Peppa's Golden Boot's case study for more information.



Peppa Seasons

We created an app, which teaches children about the changing seasons. Featuring a suite of 4 fun games, it supports children in learning about the impact of weather and changes in familiar environments.

See our Peppa Seasons case study for more information.



Peppa's Paintbox

As part of the Peppa Pig website development we produced Peppa's Paintbox, a drawing game which brings together traditional drawing tools and magical surprises, to empower young children to create a masterpiece. Peppa and George encourage children throughout their artistic endeavours and once complete they can showcase artwork in their very own exhibition at Peppa's school.

The app achieved global success hitting the #1 spot in the US and UK app stores Under 5 Kids Category and has received multiple millions of downloads.


Peppa’s Activity Maker

Peppa's Activity Maker is an activity-generating application designed as a tool to engage with parents who like to make and do. It features over 50 step-by-step activities to do with children at home come rain or shine. All activities cover various aspects of EYFS so children learn as they play.



We have localised Peppa Pig in over 30 countries, including China and South Korea so have developed a very streamlined localisation process. As well as setting up the local servers, we work closely with local agents to implement both websites and apps to individual requirements. We build a custom CMS for each country to give each agent control in managing their own content, and also give them a bespoke guide and one-to-one training if required.



We have been managing a variety of social channels for Peppa Pig UK since 2013. As well as developing the initial Social Strategy, we currently produce all editorial and run community management for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

We have helped grow the Peppa Pig global Facebook page to 2.8 million followers. There are over 650,000 fans across all UK social channels and we more than doubled Instagram followers in Q3 2017.

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