Finding the best franchise for individual consumer segments

How do you segment your audiences so that you can improve product development for specific franchises?

Disney Consumer Products EMEA wanted to break down each of their franchises by consumer group, to properly refine the product development strategies for Europe, Russia and SA.

We researched consumer segments across the big 5 European countries, Russia and South Africa to understand their needs and wants. We also deconstructed the core franchises to properly understand how the children connect with each of them.

Using a mixed research methodology of working with parents and playing with children, we used our extensive knowledge of child development to build an accessible model of the Disney end user. The visual tool we created meant that every member of the team at Disney improved their understanding of the consumer, but also developed a shared language around the consumer through which to collaborate more effectively.

We delivered clear audience targets and priorities for all Disney franchises across the region. The success of the segmentation tool has reached the US, where it has been replicated.

Brand DNA's of all core properties22 consumer profiles
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