Chuggington Website

Supporting a new consumer product launch

How do you reinvigorate a brand with the appropriate use of digital?

To support Chuggington's re-launch, Ludorum required a new website that targeted both children and parents, aiming to drive engagement for both consumers.

We designed, built and implemented a brand new website with two sections: one for parents to access the latest information and one for children filled with immersive games and activities. We also created a downloadable Web App for parents and children to access the site content on-the-go.

The website has already been localised for the US, Turkey and China and has grown to 7 minutes average dwell time with each visit to the site.

Bespoke pre-school curriculumShowcases the world of Chuggington
HTML 4, HTML 5, HAXE, CSS 3, Phonegap, OpenFL
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