Peppa Pig - Golden Boots

Celebrating 10 years as a global brand

How do you create a unique, premium app for the biggest pre-school brand on the planet?

eOne asked us to create a premium app for Peppa Pig to celebrate her 10-year anniversary.

The app is based on the anniversary episode Peppa's Golden Boots and the aim is to help Peppa find her missing boots in time for the big Puddle Jump competition. 

Using familiar locations from the episode we created a suite of 5 exploratory games, each using a different play mechanic specific to the capabilities of the device and all differentiated by outcome. Fun, positive reinforcement as part of gameplay was fundamental to providing children with a sense of achievement. We also built in a reward system without the need to win or complete a task to encourage repeat play. 

The app sees nearly 1 million sessions every month and users are spend almost 7 minutes per session on the app.

Over 1 million monthly active usersHuge revenue generator
Unity 3D
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