Ellie Godwin
Interning at KI: Graduated, now what?
3 mins

After graduation, having completed my life in education, I felt an immense sense of relief…followed swiftly by an encumbering sense of panic. I had chosen to study a subject that, despite how much I enjoyed it, had no obvious career path. So, although I had this degree under my belt, I was none-the-wiser about what I wanted to do for the next stage of my life. 

In life thus far, the only exposure I had had to the working environment was retail. During this time, I found myself intrigued by people’s actions and began trying to understand the motives behind their purchases. A career in Marketing, where you have to understand the needs of customers and have the ability to influence consumer purchases, seemed appealing to me. 

Considering that a career in Marketing had become appealing to me, I was recently lucky enough to have been forwarded the advertisement for an internship opportunity at Kids Industries. Even though I do not relinquish what happens in my life to the hands of fate, I do find myself drawn to the motto - ‘everything happens for a reason’. And this opportunity had, most certainly, come along at the right time. 

The possibility of an internship meant a number of things for me. It meant that I would have the chance to experience life in an office environment without being tied down to one specific role. It would be an opportunity to learn about different aspects of the marketing world AND the parts of this world that would interest me the most. Successful in my application and appeased of any nerves having met the KI workforce, I knew that this would be a hugely beneficial experience for me. 

From contributing research and discussions for a major client, to creating mood boards, I have been able to turn my hand to different areas of the business. I have learned from a number of talented, clever and funny individuals. All of these things have made my time at KI hugely educational and enjoyable. 

I have been inspired, challenged and energised during my time at Kids Industries. With the help of everyone there, I have been able to take the first step in my professional journey.

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