120+ links created

Sky Kids were launching a new 24 hour linear channel for kids aged 1-7. Presentation would be an important part of the channel offering, with content links filling the TX space in popular and key times of the day.


Sky needed entertaining and engaging links to help guide viewers through their day’s adventure with Sky Kids, and keep them watching in between programming. Presentation would be an important part of the look and feel of the new channel.


We built our approach to Presentation around three key elements: interaction, navigation, and imagination. 

Our aim was to fuel the natural curiosity of our core audience, producing content that would involve them in an evolving adventure of discovery about themselves – and the world around them – inspiring them away from the screen by what we share with them on the screen. Whether that be their favourite character, a new show or a bunch of amazing (real) kids who are just like them.

We produced and delivered over 120 links for the channel – ranging from songs, games and quizzes, to clip-based links – for use across the busy daily schedule.

We created a purpose built set reflecting the channel branding, and the destination for curiosity, exploration, and discovery. A visually bold and colourful physical space filled with all sorts to explore, and home to a specially cast bunch of amazing and diverse kids, there to show the values of friendship, curiosity, play… or just mess about!

For the grown-ups, links would be a helping hand, enabling parents and carers to explore their child’s curiosity with them, and help them understand the channel schedule.