Whizz Kidz is the UK’s leading charity for young wheelchair users. In Summer 2023 they hosted an extraordinary, free public art trail and tourist attraction. Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London was the UK’s first step-free art trail of its kind, where 56 life-size Morphs, each designed by epic, well-known and emerging artists, stood waiting to be found, located alongside London’s most iconic landmarks.

Collateral Design

KI spent over a year collaborating with Whizz Kidz to bring this epic event to life. We helped to produce a range of digital and print collateral for sponsors, artists, schools and for a number of Whizz Kidz events happening in the run-up to the launch of the trail. We also created posters that were on show at train stations across the capital, adverts for use on the back of two City Sightseeing Buses and the all important trail map, which helped visitors to navigate the route and find each sculpture.

Inclusion for young wheelchair users

Whilst exciting and inspiring people of all ages to celebrate London through creativity, the key aim of this trail was to increase public awareness about the need for young wheelchair users to be mobile, enabled and included in society.

KI Super 6: Diversity and & Inclusion

One of KI’s six immovable pillars of childhood (what we call the Super 6) is Diversity & Inclusion. We are committed to equality in all its forms and to have the chance to play a small part in ensuring more children are able experience the epic-ness of London, through a truly accessible adventure trail of Morphs, is something the whole of KI is standing behind and supporting.