Already a success on Netflix, the TV show Gabby’s Dollhouse was due to launch on Cartoonito in Brazil, Mexico and Italy and Tiny Pop in the UK. NBCUniversal enlisted our help to promote these launches.


NBCU wanted to raise awareness of the launch of Gabby’s Dollhouse on various broadcasters amongst the target audience 4-9 year old girls and their parents in Mexico, Italy and the UK.


We used a range of cost-efficient media channels to raise awareness of the availability of the show on the broadcast partners.

In Mexico we used digital out of home adverts, targeting areas with high child and parent footfall. In the other markets we pursued digital channels, including Spotify and in-game adverts.

For Spotify we focused on in-car co-listening occasions to reach parent and child together, and for in-game we sought to reach 4-9 year old girls.


We created a range of adverts for these channels including static, video and audio adverts. Our careful channel selection and highly targeted approach was a cost-efficient means of reaching our target audience and raising awareness of the broadcaster launches.