Amazon Kids+ was a relative newcomer to the SVOD markets, with a premium offering designed specifically for families with young children aged 2-11. Along with video content from firm favourites such as Peppa Pig and The Gruffalo, Amazon Kids+ also offered exclusive games, apps, books and audiobooks – an offering other competitors did not have.


In a crowded UK market, we needed to show parents that Amazon Kids+ was a service that could offer a plethora of relevant content to their families, over and above what they may already be getting from their existing subscription services.


KI leveraged insights around children’s appetite for content to develop multiple creative and messaging for a national awareness and acquisition campaign.

We undertook media channel testing both on and offline, to provide insights and recommendations for ongoing campaign planning.


Using our campaign message: "Feed their Hungry Minds" across all creative, the result was a strong uplift in homepage traffic and YOY subscription increase.Using our campaign message: