Trolls Campaign
How do we maximise awareness and engagement for our brand to keep a steady growth on all channels?
Key Information


KI needed to develop and implement a strong media strategy to ensure maximum brand awareness and engagement in the UK market at a time with no planned movie content release, as well as create and roll out supporting activations for a new series launch on Netflix.


Based on our existing expertise and knowledge, we broke down the task into three main points. We wanted to:

  • Maintain top of mind and follow an “Always On” approach.
  • Drive brand awareness and engagement with consumer products, to continue to grow sales.
  • Implement advertising creative that reinforces the brand’s narrative and values.
  • Promote the launch of the brand new “Trolls: The Beat Goes On!” series on Netflix.

We created a full media plan for Trolls, carefully planned to target the perfect audience and achieve the maximum outcome. From ideas to strategy and from creative to activations, we rolled out:

  • 360 Marketing Plan – we defined how every member of the family interacts and engages with the brand, as well as the optimal way to keep band awareness high throughout the campaign.
  • Competition – as part of the run up to our biggest event 'the Coronation Party' we ran a Facebook competition with the main retailer for a chance to win tickets to the event! 
  • Influencer Support – we organised and managed UK’s biggest child influencer to attend and promote the “Coronation Party” event.
  • Unboxing Video – we created various unboxing videos to support retailers. Significant media spend was assigned to this content.
  • Social Media – we released seasonal digital assets throughout the year on Facebook.
  • Game – we created a side scrolling game that promoted brand and character immersion, as well as exploration through narrative. We then offered it to broadcasters on multiple territories for use on their website.
  • Digital Media – in order to promote the next drop of episodes on Netflix, we did a high impact takeover campaign on sites with big reach for our target audience. At the same time, we pushed pre-roll ads on Youtube. 

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