Toy Insight & Strategy
How do you know which are the toys that children will play with and that parents will love?
Key Information


Tesco needed to position their range of early years toys as developmentally appropriate, but more importantly they needed to deliver on that positioning with a range that was truly great to play with.


Working with parents and their children – newborn to three years – we arranged a series of 'play mornings'. The children would self-select the toys and then the moderator would observe with mum to get to the root of the play value. Working with a total of 50 mums and 50 children we were able to define the features and benefits of the entire range.

Our educationalists then built a developmental proposition around the range and created the communication that would assure mum that a toy purchase from Tesco was a great one! The insights gained were then shared with the buying and design team, to enhance their capabilities during buying trips. Buyers were also trained on development by KI.

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