Pash & WikoKiko Development
How does a new kids streaming channel stand out in a sea of competitors?
Key Information

The German public service broadcaster ZDF – a long time producer and co-producer of excellent kids content – has a huge range of content for kids but no clear umbrella brand under which they can all live. ZDFE partnered with KI to look at ways in which we could develop and create a new channel brand for their older children audience.


Through testing a range of different visual identities and names, we created audience-backed rationale for how the umbrella brand could best represent the range of content available, and the value that ZDF stands for. The research carried out showed the name worked well and was a blank canvas upon which we could project the brand essence in a vibrant and effective manner.

First we started off by assessing what a viewer wants in a channel, the shows, the subjects and the styles on offer. Analysing competitors, viewing habits and behaviours, and testing the previous Pash brand and their impressions. We surveyed kids, to help build our insight to inform our strategy. We used this insight to define our strategy for Pash – a channel of numerous hit shows – which included three defined playlists beneath the Pash master brand, enriching content and unique resources for parent-child interaction.

This project was taken from research, through to strategy and went all the way to our amazing creative team that designed the brand and then built the website.

Rebranding Pash

We wanted the brand to be representative of Pash's offer of three defined playlists. We gave each playlist a unique look and feel making sure they would all work cohesively with the master brand. Each playlist has its own shape and colour, but when all shapes come together it represents the Pash master brand. We applied this thinking to the Pash logo, a metamorphosis of all three playlist shapes, to create a unique logo mark for the brand.


KI helped ZDF bring in the audience’s point of view to create a catchy and appealing brand name and visual identity. We delivered a comprehensive brand style guide, channel trailer and assets ready for digital and terrestrial platforms.

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