Morph's Epic Art Adventure in London
How do you help the UK’s leading charity for wheelchair users host the UK’s first step-free art trail of its kind?
Key Information

Whizz-Kidz is the UK’s leading charity for young wheelchair users. In the summer of 2023 they will be hosting an extraordinary, free public art trail and tourist attraction. Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London will be the UK’s first step-free art trail of its kind. 

As one of its official Creative Partner’s, KI is helping to produce a range of digital and print collateral for sponsors, artists, schools and a range of events happening in the run-up to the big event. 

Super Size Morph

Up to 70 super-sized sculptures of much-loved children’s TV character, Morph, will be located alongside some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Each will be uniquely designed by epic, well-known and emerging artists, providing a fun family-friendly art trail for locals and visitors to follow.

Inclusion for young wheelchair users

Whilst exciting and inspiring people of all ages to celebrate London through creativity, the trail will also increase public awareness about the need for young wheelchair users to be mobile, enabled and included in society.

KI’s Super 6

One of KI’s six immovable pillars of childhood (what we call the Super 6) is Diversity & Inclusion. We are committed to equality in all its forms and to have the chance to play a small part in ensuring more children are able experience the epic-ness of London through a truly accessible adventure trail of Morphs is something the whole of KI is standing behind and supporting.

If you want to find out more about Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London or register your interest as an Artist or potential Sponsor, please visit:



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