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Here at KI we’ve created over 30 different apps and games – some award-winning!
Key Information
Over 100M+ installs across iOS & Android
Multiple Webby honourees
Multiple Kidscreen winners

KI has developed games and interactive content from bespoke cutting edge AR technology, to suites of marketing games packaged and localised for broadcast partners. Keep reading to find out why your next product should be a digital game or experience with Kids Industries.

Our Process

We offer a tailored experience to every client, starting with any insight or research recommendations, we work with you to conceptualise your digital product. When creating anything educational we work with our learning specialists to ensure the important parts of the curriculum are presented in a fun and accessible way which enriches a child’s development. We also developed our very own design principles which is key to understanding the different age groups' unique needs and how to meet them. Read more about our preschool design principles here.

We work with our internal game designers and UX experts to scope out the product, write up the GDD, UX documentation and accurately reflect any research insights provided. Designing keyframe visuals, UI and animation is undertaken by our in-house creative team. We approach each project differently however we generally work in agile, defined by sprints and in collaboration with our production and development team. Our expertise in the children’s market is reflected through rigorous user testing with the target audience and our own junior board.

Our Highlights

eOne: Peppa Pig Golden Boots

We created several apps for eOne, Peppa Pig: Golden Boots was a premium app created to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the brand, featuring 5 exploratory games, each using a different play mechanic specific to the capabilities of the device. 

The app achieved nearly 1 million sessions per month at its peak and users were spending almost 7 minutes on the app per session. 

Yowie: Yowiescope

We created Yowiescope after developing the brand strategy and determining collecting as the core foundation of the brand. Collecting is tangible, exciting and compulsive. When collecting, you always want to know ‘what’s next’ and what’ the value of the item you have right now. Yowiescope was designed to bridge the gap between physical toys and digital play whilst also fulfilling the need to collect. 

It was important that the physical figurine remained at the centre of the digital offering, so combining the two elements through AR was a natural choice. Vuforia’s advanced AR software enabled a user to scan their figurine with their camera using 3D recognition, it would not require any kind of separate AR marker or image, just pointing the camera and simply unlocking. This digital collectable would unlock achievements, sounds, facts and pictures of their toy. The toy could then be viewed as an animated 3D model within the app. 

Baerem: Web Games

We produced a transformational responsive website and app for Qatari children’s channel Baraem – featuring video, games and other content – aimed at pre-school aged children. The objectives, through content, were to help children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world, and to empower parents by providing content that assists in their child’s real world learning. 

We developed 16 HTML web games. Each was built on one or more of Baraem’s four educational pillars and provided a levelled and scaffolded approach to learning. 

Aniballers: Aniball Kingdom

KI helped newly formed start-up company, Aniballers, to develop and launch a unique football training adventure app for kids aged 3-6. We collaborated with Aniballers in a series of workshops to define the narrative and strategy for the app, then gathered insights to create the digital and design principles, outlining a user’s full journey from the subscription model. The app contains 50 different football training challenges, designed by UEFA approved coaches, which aim to improve children’s coordination and confidence – all whilst they are having fun!

Working in sprints following an intense period of R&D, the Aniballers app was developed using Google MediaPipe to utilise body tracking, face mesh tracking and image marker tracking for the challenges and celebrations. This technology enabled Aniballers to become one of the first to build a training app adopting AR tracking in an outdoor, quick-paced, physical learning environment.

An essential factor contributing to the project’s success was KI’s knowledge of the dynamics between children and parents, and how they can enjoy a shared learning experience whilst gaining a sense of achievement together.

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