Jurassic World Event
How do you create an exciting and immersive influencer event?
Key Information

The brief

NBCUniversal required an activation that would create buzz and traction for their CP lines in a year where there was no movie or content to roll out. In response to the brief, Kids Industries planned and executed an immersive event, with full retailer support, in order to immerse influencer and competition winner families in the Jurassic World, showcasing soft and hard lines. Sky VIP rolled out a competition on their owned channels, from which a winning Sky VIP customer and family were chosen.

Content was filmed at the event to be rolled out at key calendar dates in order to promote product lines and releases, and increase brand sentiment.

What we did

In February half term, families entered an abandoned, overgrown jungle to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! Guests discovered the park that was left behind! The lab where it all began, the Jeep that got left behind, even an abandoned Gyrosphere. 

Wait, was that a goat pen…?

Immersed in the Jurassic World, influencer and competition winner families wore their Jurassic t-shirts, had pictures with amazing movie props, played with their amazing new toys, then got comfy for the latest Jurassic World movie: The fallen Kingdom. They were warned not to get too relaxed though… you never know what is creeping through the Jurassic World...

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