brand tracker
1000 Uk families
with children
1-8 years old
KI brand
health metrics

Starting in 2020, Magic Light Pictures (MLP), were looking to evaluate the KPIs of their individual IPs to make sense of their brands' ongoing development and identify key areas for growth.


This needed to be a consistently repeated piece of research to track a mix of existing brands, including competitors, plus any new IP that MLP pushes, and periodically evaluate and compare progress across a series of metrics.


To ensure we could consistently track and measure brand health, KI designed a central survey that gets repeated annually, at the same time each year, with 1000 UK families with children aged 1-8 years old.

The survey is visual, intuitive and designed with busy parents in mind – leveraging both quantitative and open-ended line software questioning.

As well as tracking consistent measures each year, those such as awareness, affinity, spend, engagement and opportunity areas (to name just a few) the survey also has a 4-minute 'flexi-slot'. This flexi-slot ensures we are able to also focus on emerging trends in the preschool space and other areas of interest to MLP – to further push the identification of opportunity and growth areas.


Actionable reports, which include comparisons between fresh and previously tracked data, helps MLP to understand brand health and growth in relation to key competitors.

Two levels of delivery: one more visual for senior leadership, plus a wider and more comprehensive report for those who need all the detail. Answers and insights are present and actionable for all teams.