The ICC are passionate about cricket and as global governors of the game work with members in over 104 markets to stage all formats - from grassroots to global tournaments. The ultimate goal is for the ICC to grow opportunities to engage in the sport, promote the game and protect the integrity of the sport.


The ICC wanted to lower the barrier of entry to cricket - especially for young people - and engage them n the sport, by sharing the message of criiio. criiio is a celebration of all the brilliant and unique ways millions of people around the world play cricket - on the beach, carparks, gullies or in their backyard.

Our job was to turn our client's knowledge of criiio into accessible content that would engage kids aged 8-14 years, and support ICC volunteers and school teachers in driving awareness of criiio.


We developed the strategic approach to content and production, looking at how to drive awareness, understanding, participation, advocacy, produce relevant and engaging art direction styles, and deliver right content themes and formats.

Using our knowledge of the 8-14 year old audience and how they engage with content we developed an approach underpinned by key principles - inclusion, belonging and relevance.

We explored different content production routes and looked at what small amplifications we could make to an already strong criiio order to help connect it with the audience further.


We produced over 50 pieces of content for use on a variety of ICC channels. This included: studio-shot explainer videos, motion instructional videos, super sticky UCG-challenge videos plus a range of print materials and social post and visuals to help raise awareness. A toolkit was also developed in order to support local markets in producing their own challenge content.