Mixed methods approach
100+ respondents
across the US

Having acquired the classic animated property 'Gumby', Bento Box Entertainment needed to reimagine the beloved retro character for the present day, and for future generations.


With Gumby dating back to the 1950s and with the brand being in a relative state of dormancy, KI's challenge was to prepare a strategy for a Gumby IP reboot.

The main objective was for KI to provide creative direction for a new, refreshed TV series. However, Bento Box's broader objectives also included long-term expansion of the IP beyond television into other types of media and product, creating a need for us to provide a 360 franchise strategy.


We took a multi-level approach to the project.
An in-depth immersion phase informed the primary research, and both primary data and secondary data collectively formed and validated the strategic recommendations delivered to the client.

The initial immersion phase allowed the team to truly get under the skin of Gumby and understand what made the original a success with children and adults. By applying KI's proprietary models, such as the Brand DNA, we were able to analyse and understand the intricate details of the existing brand before embarking on a journey to reboot it.

The core part of the project comprised of primary mixed-methods research, carried out with a range of audiences. A quantitative survey of N=1000 respondents and a qualitative state of four sessions, totalling in nine participants, took place.

To ensure a range of perspectives from prospective future Gumby viewers we directly spoke to and quantitatively surveyed children and adults, Gumby fans and those previously unfamiliar with the character, and those who overall simply enjoy animation. This helped us establish sentiment towards the existing versions of the IP and character, ideas around the reboot , and allowed us to test creative approaches for the new TV series. The combination of quantitative and qualitative methods allowed for breadth and depth of feedback on concepts and Gumby.

Throughout the entire process, we collaborated closely with the client, ensuring that those at Bento Box who would be involved in both creative and business decisions were involved. This ensured that the right hypotheses and concepts were tested – and thus the right questions were answered.


Drawing on primary research findings and knowledge gleaned from immersion, we created a comprehensive all-round franchise strategy for an updated Gumby. A document encompassing a broad set of recommendations including audience fit and targeting, creative direction, content rollout and distribution, and licensed product, was delivered. Tailored deliverables for those with specific roles, such as creative and C-suite executives, were also delivered.

“Gumby has to be 3d because he's made of clay - you can't draw him flat!”
Mum of 9-year old boy,
Session respondent.