Laurence Pope
“The Man Who Laughs” A Reason to Prefer DC: By Laurence, Age 10
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Laurence is 10 and is a member of our Junior Board. We asked him to share a little about what he was enjoying at the moment for this blog. He chose his recent experience of the DC Universe - and in particular the way he’s come to understand the character’s within it from engaging in lots of different media platforms. He's become increasingly engaged by the complexities not only of the characters themselves but also the ways in which DC presents them. DC allows a good deal of flex and the 52 different Earths that exist in their universe allow them to do this. Now, over to Laurence...

I was able to download the new Batman Arkham Asylum game. It’s a 12 but I have got away with it...don’t tell anyone!

Whilst playing the game I became very interested in The Joker. I actually wanted to get inside his head and understand him – he is such an outrageous character. At Kids Industries we call this Disidentification. It’s kind of when we like something or are interested in it and we shouldn’t be. I’ve always been interested in villains and want to understand them but it is definitely happening more with me as I get older. Sometimes I even want to find out how the superhero will react if the villain wins.

My dad realised I was interested in the back story of the Joker when we watched the trailer for the new Joker movie – but I will probably not be able to see this for quite some time as it is most probably going to be an 18. I was so keen to understand how The Joker became the Joker. It is the backstory and they’ve never shared this before.

“It just takes one bad day to make everything different” he says when someone asks him why he became that way.

My dad went to the comic shop but the man wouldn’t sell him the real origin story as it was just too much. But there was a lighter version and I read this.

Recently I started watching Gotham with my dad – we do look the other way at some parts. In this series, we’ve just met the Joker as a teenager and then he is put into Arkham Asylum because he killed his mother. It’s fascinating to see these how these characters emerged. What made them who they are.

The point I would like to make is that all of these different versions of The Joker means you get lots of different points of view. DC is far more able to play around with their stories in the different media they use and I think this is especially interesting as it gives you lots to talk and think about.

I love Marvel but DC is just more interesting because of how they do things...

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