Bing was at a crossroads. The wonder of toddlerhood is baked into every minute of this much beloved show but parents didn't realise it. In the ever-cramped preschool market this massive point of difference needed to be communicated. The question was how?


Bing is beautifully and very lovingly made show that reflects in mute detail the things that happen to a toddler as they go about their everyday life. But in the fast and sometimes loud preschool space Bing was being drowned out. Our challenge was to reestablish the brand architecture and build out the messaging and tone of voice that would enable this very special show to stand out.


Two senior consultants from KI, ones that know an awful lot about brands, preschoolers and their parents, worked hand in glove with the leadership of Acamar. It was a rigorous process that explored and validated the appropriate values, proposition and positioning.

We then developed the messaging, hierarchy and tone of voice to be used across all touch points. But implementation was the important thing...

The team built out a salient and simple positioning document that all parts of the business would be fully able to access and apply. Then we supported Acamar in embedding this revised positioning with various partner organisations, to ensure that all product development was built upon in the new positioning.

Strategy is just words unless you set it to work.


The Acamar team unveiled the new positioning just before Licensing Show and the reception has been phenomenal. Delight from all that have come into contact with the new Bing 'Big Little Moments' is now rolling successfully out around the world.

It's a Bing thing.