Suite of Apps
How could we combine traditional collectible toys and the digital world children are so consumed by?
Key Information

Yowie is an Australian confectionary company specialising in raising awareness about endangered species via collectables found in their chocolates.


We were approached by Yowie to develop an app strategy, one which could help any child collecting Yowie keep track of their collection in an engaging way, get excited about completing it and learn more about the characters. 



Collecting is tangible, exciting and compulsive. When collecting, you always want to know ‘what’s next’ and 'what’ the value of the item you have right now. We developed a digital strategy with this key value as the foundation.


Yowiescope was designed to bridge the gap between physical toys and digital play whilst also fulfilling the need to collect. Children could take the toys they got in their chocolates and scan them using our AR scanner app to add to their collection and unlock the digital 3D model, additional facts and pictures.  

Collecting and adding all a child’s toys was gamified by the inclusion of a crystal currency which linked to our second app Yowie Yopter. Yowie Yopter was a fast paced endless runner designed to introduce the brand through less commercial means but inspire players to find out more about the brand. Educational elements were subtly included with a fun daily fact and endangered animal vehicle designs to unlock by completing certain milestones.

Gameplay preview of Yowiescope

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