River Island Kids
Social & Content Strategy
How can we better understand and engage with parents through Instagram and engage with teens through TikTok?
Key Information


The River Island team needed KI to help them understand what was required in order to build engaging, effective campaigns for parents on social media whilst ensuring all communications were compliant with child data protection and privacy laws.


We conducted in-depth audience analysis utilising our in-house expertise, published research and well-sourced articles to build a picture of the River Island audience. From this we identified key trends in the market and developed a content strategy that outlined content focuses specific to the platform and the audience for millennial parents on Instagram. This came complete with an audience guide for the RI team to refer to for future campaigns.

When it came to reaching teens on TikTok, we developed a set of legal guardrails to ensure the teens they communicated with through the platforms were engaged with appropriately. Then we shared insight, current trends and future trends they could tap into to prepare for teen-focused products coming in 2021.

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