Playmobil Research
The meteoric rise of LEGO as the #1 global toys brand and entertainment powerhouse has left PLAYMOBIL wondering where its place in the market is nowadays. We got stuck in with multi-market qual and quant to give them the answers!
Key Information

A wide-ranging quant and qual project was the first of its kind within PLAYMOBIL and sought to shed light on how both the brand and the product sit within the lives of its consumers. 

The project revealed both the strengths and weaknesses of the PLAYMOBIL proposition within the UK and the outcome of this project was used by the PLAYMOBIL UK team to drive the global business towards a new brand positioning that will let what is amazing about PLAYMOBIL shine through. 

This was delivered in terms of strengths to be built on, weaknesses to be addressed and opportunities to drive relevancy and recreate PLAYMOBIL as a must-have brand.

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