Happy Meal Readers
How do you deploy a long-term strategy centred on empathy, that’s appealing enough to maximise the short-term take-rate of toys?
Key Information

McDonald’s had landed on a long-term series for their Readers programme that leveraged the Little People Big Dreams brand to tell the stories of inspirational figures and get children passionate about a variety of topics.


KI were asked to help provide the executional and strategic elements of the proposition and programme roll-out. This included clear recommendations for which inspirational figures, umbrella topics and physical book elements to include, as well as considerations for different segments (e.g. across child ages, any market nuance).


We explored the global appeal of different themes, inspirational figures and the proposition itself using a series of advanced online survey techniques (e.g. MaxDiff), and carried out in-depth qualitative interviews to understand more about the context and emotion of reading and literature, in the lives of families across our core markets.

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