Guinness World Records
Multi-market Research & Branding
How do you reposition and rebrand an iconic global brand for the digital age?
Key Information
New branding and position
Global research study


Guinness World Records wanted to explore and implement a global redesign, to refresh and create a modern identity in the minds of consumers, investors and competitors.


KI undertook large scale research in UK, Germany, USA and Japan. This initial phase of the project identified that there was clearly the opportunity to grow the brand and deeply engage many more consumers.

Armed with our insights we rebuilt the brand as a trans-media proposition, joining online, live, TV, publishing, Adjudication and B2B. KI redeveloped all branding and positioning, delivering a digital style guide and toolkit that ensured global alignment for the brand – even when activated in these very new lines of business. Our "Officially Amazing" tag line describes the very core of the brand.

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