Magic Light Pictures
Gruffalo Quant & Qual Research
How does a brand adapt and represent themselves in the digital world?
Key Information

Magic Light Pictures are award-winning creators of films such as Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s Child, The Stick Man and others. They are also owners of A/V rights for these cherished (and originally, publishing-only) brands, brands which now exist in a complex eco-system with multiple players contributing to their value.


Magic Light needed insights that would help them tailor their digital strategy, but also support them in considering the relationships between their own brand as a creator and content owner and their engaging, consumer-facing brands. In other words, what is their brand and representation in the digital world, and how can that support their marketing and wider business objectives?


We used a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to combine insights around the Magic Light brand, individual titles and consumer lifestyles. We talked to over 500 UK parents in the quantitive study and the qualitative home family sessions, then delivered a set of insights which led to a number of strategic and tactical shifts.

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