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The Global Family Branding
How do you brand a conference based on a global survey of over 5,000 families?
Key Information

The Global Family Conference explored the findings from our survey of over 5,000 families which looked at what is important to families around the world in 2023. It focused on understanding what parents and children think and feel about various topics, how they behave and what they prioritise in their lives - across individuals in the family and the entire family unit. 


When designing The Global Family Conference Branding, our aim was to create something that pushed the boundaries of our existing brand but that was still recognisably KI. 

We wanted to encapsulate all that we do: Research, Insight and Creative, but above all really make the presentations at the conference ‘sing’ without letting the visuals detract from such important information and message we were trying to get across. A lot of our presentations were data heavy, so it was important to think about how the brand design would work when presenting graphs, tables and numbers. The hierarchy of typography was key with this. 


We needed to consider how the end designs would translate across multiple assets, in digital presentations, signage and even cupcake toppers! 

There were two parts to this:

1. “KI Talks” was the overarching brand for our marketing and communications outputs. This needed a logo that can be used across social, and at future events.

2. The most important part: ‘The Global Family’. The title of our survey and conference.   


Based on the aims and results of the survey, we came up with the following as our chosen brand territory: The word ‘family’ means something different to everyone. For some, it might be simple, for others, complex. Families across the world behave, interact and consume in different ways, as individuals, and as a unit.This conference is about KI embracing that complexity and making sense of it. We might all be different, but by bringing our findings together, everything clicks. 

It was through this territory that we decided to use different colours and shapes (with some overlapping) to represent all the different elements of ‘The Global Family’, symbolising how they are complex but also fit together. By sticking with the current KI colours, it helped keep the conference brand feeling recognisably KI but still playful. These shapes became the basis of the majority of designs across different output, used in different ways across presentation slides, signage and social assets they provided continuity across the brand. The overlapping shapes and their colours also came together to form the word ‘family’ itself, again signifying unity. 

Photography was also a key element to the brand. It was important for us to use a range of images of children and families that represent real people across the world. We chose a combination of full colour images and cut outs, and used the shapes as containers for them, in a similar way to our main KI branding.  

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