England & Wales Cricket Board
All Stars Branding & Strategy
How do you halt the decline of cricket in the UK?
Key Information
Research with over 1,500 families
60,000+ sign ups
Redefining the game for the next generation


The England and Wales Cricket Board were facing cricket fading from the nation's consciousness, with only 2% of children listing cricket as their favourite sport. ECB appointed us to help them create a brand that would encapsulate their ELP – a programme without an identity or an audience.



Working with the ECB we had to define the audience for a new participation programme and define their needs to ensure its success. We used a quant survey with 1,500 UK parents, combined with over 20 in-home qual sessions. Using our in-depth understanding of the audience and what they want from a sports participation programme, we defined All Stars Cricket as the brand.

Commercial strategy

A comprehensive strategy to drive club and consumer sign up was also implemented. We guided ECB on the pricing model and UX of the sign up process, from first touchpoint through to arriving at the club.

Brand design & multi-channel assets

We developed the brand guidelines and tone of voice. We produced all materials to both engage the cricket network and the wider consumer campaign. It included a photo shoot, animation, print, digital (static and animated), cinematic advert and radio.


In 2017, 1,500 All Stars Cricket centres were established within two weeks and there was national coverage on the launch. ASC received 10% of sign ups in the first 5 days of launch and by the summer of 2019 67,000 children had joined the programme.

Social media management

In 2019 we looked after the brand on social, gaining over 3,000 followers on Instagram and over 8,000 followers on Facebook. We worked on building the new audience whilst catering to the existing audience. We engaged over 200 children in celebrating what it means to be an All Star by sharing weekly UGC collages, and communicated directly with parents through comments.

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