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We make family targeted brands stronger by delivering award winning Insight, Strategy and Content.

The Family Agency

KI is the only full-service marketing agency for family brands that build lasting relationships with children and parents.




Research, knowledge capital development and brand strategies

Disney logo

Rebrand and digital platform for this leading licensing agency

CPLG logo

Developed and marketed the children’s range. Increased share from 15% to 51%

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Al Jazeera

Created the world’s leading pre-school channel in Middle East

Al Jazeera logo

NPD and marketing strategy for children’s porridge

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Peppa Pig

Redevelopment of global digital platform and App development

Peppa Pig logo

Built and branded an entire TV channel - on air and online

Jeem.TV logo

Development and validation of a global hand washing programme

GlaxoSmithKline logo

Planning and Execution of Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes relaunch

Kellogs logo

Insight to position own-brand toy range

Tesco logo

Development of family propositions for the holiday market

TUi logo

Research and Concept Development work across books and magazines

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Harper Collins

Product development for global brand

Harper Collins logo

Development and validation of a global hand washing programme

GlaxoSmithKline logo

Research to deliver an invigorated brand strategy

Miffy logo

Insight to deliver increased revenues in Consumer Products

Marvel logo

Insight and Strategy that re-developed Saturday morning TV

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iLearn N Play

Suite of apps to work in partnership with toys

iLearn N Play logo

Range of TVC’s, websites and interactive events

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Warner Bros

A range of insight driven internal films to inform strategy development

Warner Brothers logo
Shaun the Sheep

Brand DNA to inform global Consumer Products development

Shaun the Sheep logo

Range of digital solutions and TVC’s

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Effectiveness happens when brand Insight, Strategy and Content are integrated. That's what we do.


Actionable and Robust. Qualitative and Quantitative consumer understanding and a power-packed "So What?" with every insight.

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Clear and Practical. Collaborative processes that combine our skills and knowledge with your ambition and business capabilities.

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Engaging and Emotional. Award winning content executed across any platform and validated by our unique understanding of the family market.

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@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  27/05/2015

Shopping through @YouTube just got easier: https://t.co/G7JW8B4NiZ. How will this be utilised on #YouTubeKids? http://t.co/KW0g312ajX

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  27/05/2015

Thanks for the shout out! https://t.co/PxedqdhYJ3

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  27/05/2015

Cheers Nick! Glad you liked it. https://t.co/JIadQ11rJN

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  26/05/2015

Even @BBCR1 have gamified coding for their listeners, with the launch of the #HackStagePass: http://t.co/vye33PKIa3 http://t.co/TBiKG4GaYu

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  26/05/2015

Well done @DCComics & @WarnerBrosEnt for rolling out mobile-friendly kids sites https://t.co/IaDLRh08lA via @sharethis #kidsmedia

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  22/05/2015

Happy birthday #Pacman!! 35 today and hasn't aged a bit! http://t.co/yw1N7V2STE

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  22/05/2015

We're celebrating over here! In-house Martini making later! #AgencyLife http://t.co/9X1IF23ezn

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  21/05/2015

@richstanton We want a copy...where can we buy? https://t.co/O4KdKeG87y

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  21/05/2015

So proud to work with @savechildrenuk to create a new way of giving and learning http://t.co/AfmdC339kQ sign up your kids or share. Thanks.

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  15/05/2015

Happy 87th anniversary, #MickeyMouse! @Disney's mascot made his silent film debut today in 1928. http://t.co/AD464wfxVF

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  15/05/2015

We had thought the work fridge was on the cold side, even for a fridge. We were correct 🙈 #CokeExplosion http://t.co/a3sl532PzO

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  15/05/2015

RT @MetroUK: Dolls with disabilities launched #ToyLikeMe http://t.co/JV0wn0YjQZ http://t.co/01DN7Nq3KJ

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  15/05/2015

We found a #LostOysterCard on the tube yesterday, in the name of Samuel Sheldon. Give us a tweet if it's yours so we can re-unite you!

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  15/05/2015

Brands we work with see almost 3/4 of their traffic from mobile/tablet. Now Google searches on mobile surpass PCs: http://t.co/scOj6MCStI

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  14/05/2015

BBC News - Minecraft videos - why are they so addictive? http://t.co/SaAayfL6id

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  14/05/2015

RT @GoldenBearToys: Ooh..look, it's GreatBigHoo! A wee sneak peek for you @Twirlywoos fans! Sign up here for news http://t.co/Ys5HtA55pf h…

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  14/05/2015

@SamSheldon20 We picked up what we think is your #LostOysterCard on the tube. Let us know if it's yours so we can get it back to you!

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  14/05/2015

RT @kidsmediacentre: "screens are more than just distraction machines" http://t.co/k3KGixH4Mn #kidsmedia #screentime #edtech #edchat @Child

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  13/05/2015

Australian Government Plans to Tax Digital Downloads, Media Dubs It the "Netflix Tax" http://t.co/aCMkjtxvDz via @thr

@KidsIndustries  twitter/icon.png  12/05/2015

This takes us back - happy birthday, Thomas! https://t.co/o7qnqwbLqF


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