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Our Strategy

Strategy is plotting the journey required to achieve your objectives. Any journey needs a starting point, an end point, and an optimum - yet flexible - path between the two. We use a whole range of tools to determine those things.

Different organisations require different types of strategies - what works for one won't necessarily be the same for others. We collaborate with clients to help shape the strategy that is going to be successful for your business.

Every commercial challenge is different, and over the last 17 years we've tackled everything from building a new TV channel from scratch, to the creation of a new cereal. We don't mind what the problem is, as long as it's about making a family brand stronger.

What we can help with?

Marketing Strategy Development

Creating an amazing product is one thing, getting people to become aware of it and want to buy it is quite another. We shape marketing strategies that deliver against your objectives; whether it is reaching a new audience, changing perceptions of your brand, increasing your revenue per user, or a little of all the above. Typically these campaigns are aimed at parents, and more often than not, mums. Our unique Mumsight proposition helps us really understand mums and how to connect with them. Our unique Mumsight proposition helps us really understand mums and how to connect with them.

See the work we have done with ECB, Aquafresh and Kelloggs.

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Business Modelling & Market Sizing

Clients often have an amazing idea but are not really sure if there is a market for it. We can help explore the opportunity and define the commercial rationale. We can determine the price-point, map out product demand and the size of the approachable market.

Our knowledge of industry benchmarks, and our 'on the ground' experience of actually launching real products - in real markets - right around the world, means we can quickly see where a model is going to work and where it isn't.

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Character & Story Development

15% of our work is, in one way or another, character based. To create cut-through characters in the cluttered world of licensing, you need to know what you actually have and what you need to develop. Our unique Character DNA process unpacks how the consumer really sees your character brand and what you can do to exploit it. Every brand we’ve ever DNA’d is held in our Character DNA database. We've built a set of powerful algorhythms that mean we can search how any character brand performs across a wide range of 86 very different variables. It helps us map the white space that character brands can play in and the categories they might win in. See the work we have done with Disney, Mr Bean, Miffy and Warner Brothers.

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Consumer Immersion

Get a better understanding of your audience in a way that works for you; whether that is through workshops about children, or immersion sessions, where you can sit down with the children and ask them questions yourself.

Over the last 17 years we have built up an enormous repository of research and studies (our Knowledge Base) about children and families. So if you are wanting to understand anything from the sporting abilities of a 3 year old, to the latest gaming trends of a 9 year old girl, we can help.

See the work we have done with Kelloggs, Egmont and Disney to get an idea of how we can immerse you in their world.

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New Product Development

Using our bespoke I.M.P.A.C.T. process, we will conceive, build and test prototypes, and iterate through to a final product design. We know how children will use the product and how decisions are made within families. We can get to the right solution quicker than anyone else. We have created everything from cereal bars, toys and toothpaste, to Video On Demand platforms, sports courses and digital subscription products. See the work we have done with ECB, Kelloggs and Al Jazeera.

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Brand Strategy

Creating a brand that is relevant and cuts-through is more important today than it has ever been. We believe the key to success with the family is authenticity. Our understanding of children and their families enables us to shape a brand so that it fits into their world - and is truly relevant to them. Our brand models take a direct and simple approach to brand definition and articulation.

See the work we have done with All Stars Cricket, Snazaroo and Guinness World Records.

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