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Our Approach

Actionable and Robust. Directive, validated family research delivered just how you need it.

Creating unique methods to solve unique problems is nothing new, but knowing how to do it with children and parents is a particular type of skill. For us, it's about knowing who we are talking to and creating the right environment to put all respondents at ease.

For our work with children we’ve borrowed a wide range of techniques from play, education and children’s entertainment. This helps us to build trust quickly and gives the children confidence to tell us what they really think - not what they think we want to hear.

With parents, we’ve worked hard to understand their motivations, needs, desires and emotions. We think understanding the really difficult job of parenting is the first step to really great insight.

Sometimes we’ll spend a day at their home. Sometimes we’ll set them a series of tasks to video and upload to our secure platform. Sometimes we'll meet a huge group of respondents for a massive workshop. We do what we need to do to create the right context and environment, to discover something we didn’t know at the start of the session.

Our Methodologies and Techniques

Our toolbox includes a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, made bespoke by the fact that we have either designed them exclusively for, or adapted them to, the unique needs of the children and families audience. Here is a selection that we frequently use.

Web Surveys

Our quantitative researchers obtain, examine, analyse and interpret statistical data to help you make more informed decisions. We create succinct and engaging surveys for consumer panels or client databases to explore customer attitudes, all along utilising design thinking to ensure optimum response rates and quality of data.

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Big Data Analysis

Different from quantitative methodologies by the fact that it is a form of secondary research (i.e. we do not obtain data directly from consumers), data analysis gives us the foundation to understand the starting point of our clients’ businesses. We will analyse the market, economics and population trends, past research, sales reports, web and app analytics, social media, reviews and complaints, and any other piece of data that helps our clients separate the noise from the insight.

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Speedy Prototyping

A close collaboration between our Insight, Strategy and Content teams, speedy prototyping is designed to help conceptualise, adapt and develop a product for the children or family market. We work closely with a number of children and parent cohorts, testing different iterations of a product and adapting quickly before testing again – and again, before ultimately arriving to solution that corresponds to a true consumer need and is ready to develop.

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Uncovering how consumers engage with their world means spending time on their patch and on their terms. Ethnography is particularly insightful when identifying attitudes and perspectives of the modern family. We are able to capture everyday patterns and behaviours, and the ethnographic context allows us to identify the emotional drivers behind them.

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Undertaken in triads or groups of children, framed as a sleep-over or just a simple play-date, this methodology is great at evoking creativity, testing concepts, ideation and exploring friendship dynamics. The relaxed atmosphere of the sessions and the fact children are surrounded by their friends means that they are relaxed and happy to discuss concepts we are exploring.

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Photo Diaries

The participants are presented with a brief outlining which parts of their lives they should capture photos of, before they and there cameras are released into the open. In our experience, this is one of children’s (and sometimes mums’) favourite methodology as it allows them to use one of their favourite tools – the phone camera and even filters! Researchers analyse output – often in collaboration with mum or dad – connecting themes and developing a full image around lifestyle.

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The children (and sometimes parents) get briefed on the topic and asked to do their own video entries answering the questions, framed as their chance to be an “influencer” and create vlogs emulating YouTubers. With no researchers present during the actual session, this can be an excellent way to generate honest feedback.

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School Sessions

Speaking to children or teachers in their school environment introduces a different dimension to speaking to them at home, and sometimes it is this particular insight that is needed. Our school sessions tend to be hosted first on class-level and followed by smaller groups of children breaking out. Our commitment is to always bring value to the schools involved and contribute to their work in order to build lasting relationships.

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Consumer Immersion

Collaborative workshops which reveal the inner workings of your consumer group. In order to create products, content or marketing for the family market, it is imperative to look through the child’s eyes. We develop this capability in our clients. Our researchers and experts can facilitate workshops with you to map out your target audiences’ landscape and better understand them as consumers.

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The data and the research provide the frame, but it is our analysis and our strategic work that paints the picture. We have developed a set of proprietary methods that we use to analyse our research, and we combine them with other tried and tested techniques to ensure that we uncover the most valuable insights.

Brand DNA

A tool we designed especially for deconstructing and reconstituting family brands. This structured approach defines the brand's communications, values and tone of voice. This is the tool we use to ensure that all aspects of the brand are aligned with the overall vision, so as to maintain integrity.

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Head and Heart Mapping

Consumers connect emotionally and functionally – part of the connection is the head and part is the heart. This tool unpacks the head and heart to make sure the connection is as strong as it can be, looking at ideological, cultural, sociological and psychological aspects of your brand. As well as its weight, length, power and breadth.

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We report clearly, concisely and in the most engaging way possible, delivering exactly the level of depth and detail that the client’s business is requiring.

Visual Quant


Immersion Days


Formal Reports

Dashboard Reporting


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