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"How do you create educational apps that cross over the physical / digital toy space?"
"How do you get children to empathise with other children who live differently to them?"
Subscription product
"How do you make a children's brand, that makes no sense to adults, valued by parents?"
Website & App
"How do you create an educational app that is lots of fun to play?"
"How do you take a brand from 8% to 63% share in 3 years?"
"How do you reinforce a brand's new positioning?"
"How do you refresh an iconic brand, extend its lines of business, and deliver shareholder value?"
"How do you create an entirely new media platform for Arabic Tweens?"
"How do you create a launch event which builds high engagement with the product?"
"How do you leapfrog the competition at the high end of a market?"
The Ultimate Family Hotel
"How do you develop a digital presence for a new brand?"
"How do you make a traditional brand relevant for a new generation?"
"How do you know which are the toys that children will play with and that parents will love?"
"How do you make a family holiday a "superfamily" holiday?"
Family Time
"How do you enable children to demonstrate their compassion for the environment?"
Eco-Schools Programme
"How do you push against an open door and make a relaunch successful?"
Research & Design
"How do you create a food that kids love the taste of and mum wants to buy?"
"How do you find a tone of voice for a pop group when everyone thinks they know just who they are?"
"How do we halt the decline of cricket in the UK?"
Brand & Strategy
"How do you create engaging apps for children?"
"What does the next generation of active family holiday destinations need to look like?"
What's Next For Families?
"How do you reinvigorate a brand with the appropriate use of digital?"
"How do you create a global digital platform for the world's most famous pig?"
"How do you segment your audiences so that you can improve product development for specific franchises?"
"How do you increase brand discoverability?"
"How do you add real magic to a website?"
"How do you create a unique, premium app for the biggest pre-school brand on the planet?"
"How do you create stories that are guaranteed to engage children?"
"How do you build and empower a fan base of kids?"
Research & Strategy
"How do you re-establish dominance of your pre school media content across 18 countries?"
Website & Brand
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